Rules of Engagement
Build a budget for a two year ROI.
Technology is changing so quickly that you will need to revisit your website every two years. Plan a website budget that will get you the most ROI over a two year period.
Every website should have a strategy.
You want to control the website experience. Your website should take the user on a linear path that ends in a CTA (call-to-action): this can be capturing an email, getting them to call you, or filling out a form.
Get rid of the rabbit hole.
When it comes to pages, less is more. You want to reduce your content to the most important marketing messages that builds confidence in your company but leaves the user with a reason to contact you.
Moving one pixel will not bring you more business.
Too many design agencies waste time fine tuning the website. We have a rule. If the change on your website is not going to increase business, don't worry about it.
Your website is useless without traffic.
Every small business needs to take advantage of the low cost opportunities that social media offers. If you are not leveraging social media traffic, your website is going to be underutilized.
Invest in images and good writing.
Images and copy are going to make a huge difference on your website. They are the most important part of setting a tone and delivering your message.
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